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Several years ago I was babysitting a child whose parents used an egg donor to have her. It is such a miracle to be able to carry a baby even if your ...



I think anyone who wants to be a parent deserves a chance at it. Some people are unable to and if can help I will.


From Andy's Blog

RIP Leonard Nemoy – He Lived Long & Prospered

The New York Times has a fitting tribute to Mr. Spock:

Two-Father Babies Could Be Possible: No Egg Donor Required

Due to advances in science, we are closer to having the ability to¬†use male stem cells to create an egg… » READ MORE

Thailand Bans Foreign “Surrogacy Business”

After the Baby Gammy controversy late last year, there has been a critical look at surrogacy in Thailand and they… » READ MORE

Sperm Donors Are Winning Visitation Rights

At least that is the conclusion that can be drawn from the case of Sheena and Tiara Yates, a married… » READ MORE

Miracles Egg Donation Owner, Allison Layton, Pleads Guilty to Ripping Off Would-Be Parents

Justice was finally served for Intended Parents who were defrauded by the owner of a Glendora Egg donation and Surrogacy… » READ MORE

Bill O’Reilly – Combat Correspondent

Maybe he was telling the truth…..

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