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I think anyone who wants to be a parent deserves a chance at it. Some people are unable to and if can help I will.



Several years ago I was babysitting a child whose parents used an egg donor to have her. It is such a miracle to be able to carry a baby even if your ...


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Stunning Zinc Fireworks When Egg Meets Sperm

Experts from the Argonne National Lab have captured images of when egg meets sperm and the chemical reaction that happens… » READ MORE

The Ohio Sperm-Bank Controversy: A New Case for Reparations?

A couple  is filing for damages totaling $50,000.00 because the Sperm Bank gave them sperm from a donor that they did not… » READ MORE

“Natural Inseminators” Replacing Sperm Bank as Non-Traditional Babymakers

Natural insemination: men are willing to help couples/ women conceive the natural way, but there are still a lot of unanswered… » READ MORE

Thai Parliament Votes to Ban Commercial Surrogacy Following Baby Gammy Case

Thai Parliament votes to ban commercial surrogacy to combat the idea that Thailand is a baby factory. Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon… » READ MORE

Canadian Mother Gives Birth While in the U.S. & Gets $1 Million Hospital Bill

This is just another example of the enormous financial burden that uninsured pregnant women and their families face in the United States. Jennifer… » READ MORE

Surrogate Mother Gives Cousin Two Special Gifts

A surrogate mother in Pennsylvania gives her breast cancer survivor cousin the best gifts possible. Candice Ismirle holds newborn son Ryder,… » READ MORE

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