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Industry Professionals & Intended Parents Beware Of A New Scam

We have received a number reports about professionals in the industry receiving emails from an alleged international client intending to use the services of B Coming. The email, depending upon the recipient, seeks information from these professionals while including self-serving statements regarding B Coming. The communications are a scam. Our office has received similar emails as well as blog comments from this alleged “international couple”. There is no international couple seeking information in good faith. In actuality, the author of these communications resides in Los Angeles and the apparent motivation is to solicit negative information about B Coming. It should not be too difficult to figure out the underlying motivations for this scam.

Whether an industry professional or potential Intended Parent, I implore you do your research before working with or retaining a surrogate agency. Among other things, I encourage you to do a public records search to determine if there is any prior or pending litigation against the agency you are considering and the nature of the claims brought against them. As an illustration, a cursory public records search on B Coming would find two outstanding Superior Court Judgments against that organization in the last three years for amounts in excess of $250,000.00. You can view these judgments here and here.

Also, please do not accept the agency’s representations about any lawsuits against them. Further, review the staff that works at these agencies by doing a simple Google search to investigate their background. As we reported yesterday, there have been several victims of Bala Surrogacy that have alleged impropriety by that agency. I suspect many of these victims would have never used Bala Surrogacy had they known that the owner was the former Vice-President of Surrogensis. So please, do your own due diligence, obtain copies of any public records and make an informed decision before you retain an agency only to be victimized.

UPDATE: For those asking, the author of these emails will be using email addresses containing the names Xena or Xena Smith as well as using an email address to a non-existent entity known as “fertilitynewsusaandeurope” originating from a gmail account.


5 comments for “Industry Professionals & Intended Parents Beware Of A New Scam”

  • We are now in the process of filing suit against Earthy Angels surrogate agency. After we file the claim in court, will that information be available for other intended parents to discover if they search public records?

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes, once the Complaint is filed the lawsuit will be a matter of public record and available if anyone does a civil index search.

    • Dr. Jones

      Robin, why would you post and release patient information? Patients must be also responsible for their actions. There is no guarantee that every case will be successful. I’m an IVF professional and if my case fails, we don’t refund any money back. I’m not sure what profession you are in, but if you charge for example $3K for legal services and things fail, are you going to refund those funds back? Again, horrifying stories will continue to bring down the Infertility Industry.

  • Dr. Jones

    Thank you for removing a horrible comment that was posted earlier.

    • marna sannes

      This is a email Rosa sent me today!
      I have been sick with Cancer since I had the twins and not paid, she is a evil women…


      Sorry to hear you have Cervical Cancer since you gave birth to the twins and HPV. You must have gotten your HPV from somewhere else, FDA testing for the IP’s were normal and of course you signed all consent forms at the clinic on what risks you would be taking.

      You have been paid in full, Monica over paid you by $2000.00 in cash and blames you for releasing her fertility issues public to the LA Times and now “Your paying the price for your actions”.

      Infertility is a risk and there is no guarantee and I Thank God for punishing those who betrade my trust and twisted their stories for a spot light that “came and went”.

      The agency continues to be in business and will do for many years.

      Hopefully you will recover and like always wishing you the best that life can offer.

      Take Care, Rosa.

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