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Iceland To Allow Donor Eggs & Sperm For Singles & Gay Couples

A welcome development:

Single women, gay couples and heterosexual couples who both suffer from fertility issues now have permission to use both donor eggs and donor sperm in IVF treatment following a law passed my Iceland’s Althingi parliament yesterday.

Before the change in the law IVF patients were only allowed to use donor eggs in cases when the sperm came from the hopeful father-to-be. It was always prohibited for single women, lesbian couples and women not using their husband or partner’s sperm to use donor eggs.

The new law, which no MP voted against, was designed to make amends to women legally prevented from getting pregnant due to their own fertility issues. It is not thought the new rules will cost the national health service much more.

Chair of the Althingi health committee, Thuridur Bachman told Visir.is that the new law ensures equality among women, whether single, in a gay relationship, or in a straight relationship – just like in other areas of life. She added that the new law intensifies debate about children’s rights to know their biological parents and assured that the health committee will push for parliament to discuss the issue in the future.


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    Good for them!:)

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