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Assisted Reproduction

Surrogacy Beyond Borders Shut Down?

Could another reproductive tourism facility be closed? According to news reports, yes.


2 comments for “Surrogacy Beyond Borders Shut Down?”

  • michelle

    surrogacy beyond borders steals couples who want children and pays little to surrogate mothers , they are also poorly served , the agency does not provide enough food and medicine.

    surrogacy beyond borders roba a las parejas que quieren tener hijos y paga muy poco a las madres sustitutas, ademas ellas estan mal atendidas, la agencia no les proporciona suficiente comida y medicamentos.

  • Elaine

    We have chosen the third world country after trying the high European level. After numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts my husband said that we went to Ukraine, Biotexcom clinic. I answered that he was crazy! But I trust my lovely hubby and I agree with him. We used surrogacy in Kiev center for human reproduction. All nine months, of course we worried everything would be normal and pregnancy of our mother went well. All the time our manager contacted us and mortified our fear and excitement. We had received all the results of surrogate mother’s tests, photos and video of our baby during ultrasound investigations, as well as necessary consultations and BioTexCom expert advices. All these helped us to calm down a little! We arrived in Kiev a month before the child’s birth. All this time we just waited for the day our long-awaited baby will come into the world. City tours helped us to take our mind off, as it’s said to stop and smell the roses. Clinic kindly provided us interesting and comfortable city excursions. We have seen incredibly beautiful, ancient Kiev. Very beautiful architecture, ancient cathedrals and churches, interesting and rich city’s history. We visited the famous Andrew’s descent and bought there beautiful souvenirs, St. Michael’s Cathedral, a unique funicular railway, historical part of the city Podil and many other nice places of interest. Before child’s birth we have the vultures of the mind that surrogate mother would refuse to give our children. But clinic’s staff assured us that it’s impossible, and that is not to be thought of. Of course, we were anxious about child’s health. We even showed our personal doctor all tests’ results and protocols and he confirmed – everything is well, child is doing well and has been developing normally. When our surrogate mother gave birth we were taken to the maternity clinic on this very day, and we saw our little miracle! It was an incredible feeling! My husband started to cry when took a newborn baby in his arms, and then I couldn’t suppress my feelings. We cried with happiness! At that moment, all our anxiety and fears evaporated. We took our baby in arms, and it was the most important. Soon, clinic workers finished all the issues related to the documents, and we went home two weeks after child’s birth. Always keep a healthy sense of humor and positive attitude, because in difficult situations it helps to go through the fear, resolve a conflict, and find right and wise solution of any issue.

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