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Andrew Vorzimer
Andrew Vorzimer:
Thanks for visiting our blog.  For those curious about me, I am a Reproductive Law Attorney, the father of five wonderful children and married to the love of my life. I also serve as the CEO of Egg Donation, Inc., and as the Managing Partner of Vorzimer Masserman, P.C. Among my interests: photography, soccer, scuba diving, the Miami Dolphins, The U and the Los Angeles Lakers.  You can find more about my professional experience here.

But I am not the only blogger here. I am happy to have three other exceptionally gifted and outspoken co-bloggers, Molly O’Brien, Andrew Powell and Corinne Donnelly.  Here is a bit more about them in their own words and pictures:


Molly O’Brien:

I’m Molly and thanks for reading our blog! I am an attorney specializing in reproductive law. I am married to an amazing man and we have three wonderful pets. My passions include gardening, cooking, horror movies (especially monster movies like Godzilla or King Kong), and reading. I am scared of Bigfoot, insects, and hippies. As a minority (a Republican woman among Democratic men), I hope I bring a unique perspective to the news of the day.



croppedphotoapAndrew Powell:

Cheers! I am a barrister from London specialising in all areas of family law at 4 Paper Buildings. I was called to the English Bar in 2008. I was honored to receive the Pegasus Scholarship in 2013, a scholarship fund for young lawyers to learn and experience law in a different jurisdiction. So for the next several months, I will be an intern at Vorzimer Masserman, P.C.

In 2013, I was shortlisted for the Young Family Barrister of the year award. Before becoming a barrister, I studied social anthropology as an undergraduate where I earned the highest first class degree in my year.

My professional passion and interests lie in surrogacy and reproductive law.


meforwebsiteCorinne Donnelly:

Corinne dabbled in vocal performance and theatre in college, but graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in Spanish Literature. Since then, she has written articles and reviews for various blogs, including Examiner.com. She is also News Editor for the official RupertGrint.net website. Writing and reading are dual passions that have consumed her life from an early age. In her free time, she pursues acting (catch her in A Place Called Hollywood which will be released in May 2014), attends movie screenings throughout L.A., plays piano, guitar and ukulele, traverses numerous theme parks, and sings karaoke with her friends.



Thanks again for visiting and if you would like to contact us by email, you can do so here.

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