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International Surrogacy: The Increased Demand For Dragon Babies

The LA times has reported on surrogacy cases with couples form China.  Given the economic climate in both the United States and in China, many Chinese couples are in a prime position to come to the US to have a child through surrogacy.  This isn’t news to anyone in the surrogacy industry, however.  Not only […]

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#bbcnews repeatedly complained abt tory spindr over #hacking. Why they dont care abt labour spinner with #Iraq on his hands? #newsnight
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Contrary to popular belief surrogacy is not permitted in Thailand even though it has become a popular reproductive tourism spot @FamilyLawLA
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I guarantee you that she cannot. @FamilyLawLA. Can Sherri Shepherd walk away from unborn surrogate child? | http://t.co/IXt0leNitb
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