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The Egg Donation Process for Egg Donors

Being selected as an egg donor is the first step in an exciting journey to make someone’s dream of becoming a parent come true. Donating eggs is a serious commitment, but the results are highly rewarding. Once you are selected, the length of your commitment may be anywhere from six weeks to four months. If this is your first time donating, you will have an initial screening with a doctor. Individual doctors have their own protocol but, in general, they will want to draw your blood at a … [Read More...] about The Egg Donation Process for Egg Donors

Defining Infertility: Is It Really Infertility or Just Bad Luck?

Thousands of couples each year seek medical advice because they want to have a child but find themselves unable to conceive (or to carry a pregnancy to term). In some ways, treating infertility is more complex than treating other health issues, because there are often no clear medical answers. Also, treatment is expensive, and complications can occur even in healthy people due to the complex nature of the human body. Many individuals do not have successful outcomes even with proper treatment, … [Read More...] about Defining Infertility: Is It Really Infertility or Just Bad Luck?

Talking to Children about Infertility

Children are often more aware that something is wrong than we think they are. Couples facing fertility issues are often asked by friends and family, “When are you going to have another baby?” When someone outside your immediate family asks, it’s perfectly acceptable to gloss over the question or change the subject. However, it’s a different situation when your own child asks. Children are highly observant, and even if you have not talked with them directly about infertility, the chances are that … [Read More...] about Talking to Children about Infertility

When Infertility Treatments Fail

It’s not something we often want to think about, but the fact is that sometimes, infertility treatments don’t work. For some people, no matter how long you try, how much you spend, or what steps you take, the infertility treatments you try will not be successful. So what do you do then? How do you move on and begin healing when your treatments are not effective? … [Read More...] about When Infertility Treatments Fail