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Is egg donation the answer for infertile couples?

If you experience infertility, you know that it can have many causes and treatments. You may have heard of egg donation and are unsure whether it is right for you. There are some common guidelines for determining whether egg donation could be a solution for your infertility problems. Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) is one of the primary reasons that women turn to egg donation. In POF, the ovaries stop working well before the average age for menopause. POF is usually the diagnosis when … [Read More...] about Is egg donation the answer for infertile couples?

Do Egg Donation Success Rates Really Matter?

Dealing with infertility is a huge obstacle in anyone's life. If you are reading this, you know that there are options out there for couples or individuals who cannot conceive. The information may be overwhelming at first, and there’s a lot to consider. One of the questions at the forefront of potential recipient's minds, is what the success rate of egg donation is? The first thing you should know when looking at success rates is that it’s difficult to compare rates from clinic to clinic. … [Read More...] about Do Egg Donation Success Rates Really Matter?

How to Donate Your Eggs

Do you want to help women who can’t conceive on their own to become mothers? As an egg donor, you can! If you are healthy and pass the required medical tests working with the IVF physician, you can make someone else’s dream of carrying and giving birth to a child come true. Women who are eligible to donate eggs are between 21 and 29, healthy and fertile. Do you tick all the above boxes? Great! Let’s discuss the next steps to becoming an egg donor. Apply to become a donor – Seems obvious, … [Read More...] about How to Donate Your Eggs

Who is the Ideal Egg Donor?

Although egg donation is a highly successful fertility treatment, there are still many things to think about when considering the ideal donor for you. Choosing an egg donor, while simple and straightforward for some couples, can be complicated and stressful for others. As egg donation has become more widely used, the pool of potential donors has grown, and now hopeful parents can choose among a number of traits and fine-tune their choice of egg donor to reflect their physical traits or other … [Read More...] about Who is the Ideal Egg Donor?

Donor FAQ

Donors and recipients naturally have many questions about the egg donation process. Here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers. Q: Who can donate her eggs? A: Criteria varies from program to program. We set strict guidelines for egg donors to maximize the chances of a pregnancy resulting and to ensure that the entire process will be safe for both the recipient and the donor. Approved donors must meet specific age and health requirements. Q: What does egg donation … [Read More...] about Donor FAQ