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Early Menopause: What You Need to Know

If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, the last thing you want to find is that menopause has started early. Unfortunately, early menopause rates are increasing for various reasons, one of which is the many chemicals people are exposed to affecting hormone balance and hormone production. When menopause begins, your body no longer releases viable eggs or produces the blood-rich uterine lining needed for an embryo to implant into and enable pregnancy. If you want to carry a baby, you need … [Read More...] about Early Menopause: What You Need to Know

Infertility Solutions 2017

We tend to hear a lot about preventing unwanted pregnancy, but when you’re dealing with infertility, you realize that getting pregnant isn’t always as simple as shelving the birth control. Infertility can affect your entire life, and understanding your options can help you make informed decisions about what steps to take and when. There are many potential solutions to infertility, including: Fertility Drugs Fertility drugs may be taken in pill or injectable forms. These drugs contain … [Read More...] about Infertility Solutions 2017

Will My Kids Run into Siblings? Donor Sibling Registry and Everything You Need to Know

Families are defined and formed in many different ways, but biology is still the most common family bond. Most parents want to raise children with whom they share a genetic connection. Egg donation allows parents who are struggling with infertility to have some genetic connection with their children. Just as biology matters on your side of the child’s family tree, you should also recognize the importance of biology on the other side. Many children conceived through egg (or sperm) donation … [Read More...] about Will My Kids Run into Siblings? Donor Sibling Registry and Everything You Need to Know

First Time Donor or Prior Donor?

When you’re considering egg donation as a fertility solution, there are many choices to make. One of these is whether to choose a first-time donor or a donor with a history of successful donation. The simple answer is that one is not necessarily better than the other. Success rates are approximately the same between the two. Some people recommend repeat donors, but in fact, a good case can be made for choosing either. The main reason that many parents are advised to choose repeat donors is … [Read More...] about First Time Donor or Prior Donor?

Depression and Fertility

Many people grow up with the assumption they will be parents one day. Girls and women, in particular, tend to be surrounded by images and expectations of motherhood, from baby dolls to baby showers. Their parents, friends, religious groups, and the media all propagate these expectations. Some women find that motherhood has become a part of their self-image, and for others, becoming a mother is their highest ambition. Women sustain incredible pressure to find partners and start families. Some … [Read More...] about Depression and Fertility