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What Is the Cost of Egg Donation?

Many factors contribute to the total cost of using an egg donor, such as medical testing, laboratory costs, ultrasounds, agency fees, and doctor visits. Airfare costs, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation for your donor are also part of the total cost. Another such cost is the donor’s compensation, which ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on whether the donor is new or has a history of successful cycles (donors with successful cycles behind them garner higher fees). We make it a … [Read More...] about What Is the Cost of Egg Donation?

Egg Donation Process for the Recipient

If you’re considering egg donation or have decided it is the right choice for your family, you may be wondering what the process will be like for you, the recipient. The first thing to do is register as a recipient on our website. Once you do this, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have about our donors or the process involved. Another early step for you to complete is to see your doctor to obtain advice on how to prepare, receive a medical evaluation, and ensure that there is … [Read More...] about Egg Donation Process for the Recipient

How to choose an egg donor agency

When it comes to fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother, you want to choose the safest and most reliable path to giving birth. For some women who struggle with fertility, they must first decide on an egg donor agency. Most women know that it is essential to pick the right obstetrician to help manage their pregnancy and deliver their baby. When it comes to an egg donor agency, it is also vital to choose the right agency to help you – this decision can determine not only the ease of your … [Read More...] about How to choose an egg donor agency

Who Qualifies for Egg Donation?

Becoming an egg donor, and making a woman’s journey to motherhood happen in a way that few can, is both a generous act and a serious commitment. To give the recipient the best possible chance for a successful pregnancy, there are strict guidelines that control who can be an egg donor. To ensure the healthiest eggs, a donor must be no more than 29 when they apply. A minimum age of 21 is in place to make sure that the donor can legally enter into a contract. Donors must be in excellent health, … [Read More...] about Who Qualifies for Egg Donation?

Recipients FAQ

Donors and recipients naturally have many questions about the egg donation process. Here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers. Q: How do you screen potential donors, verify their information, and approve them? A: After a donor contacts us, she completes a lengthy questionnaire, including information about her education, employment, traits, and health history. Health history covers both medical and genetic questions and asks about the donor’s family as well. Certain issues … [Read More...] about Recipients FAQ