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Letter from an Actual Recipient

Here is a sample profile prepared by a Recipient couple and provided to their Egg Donor

Dear Donor,

Wendy and I live in a small neighborhood on the bay packed with kids of all ages. It’s an ideal place to raise children. We were both raised in loving and supportive homes with parents that sacrificed to put us through braces, school and college, and still put up with our shenanigans! They took the time to teach us what is important in life. Faith, family, friends, hard work, a stable sense of morality and commitment most often characterizes our lives. It is all underlined with a good sense of humor. Humor is probably the glue that holds us together. We’ve had good times and hard, and we prefer the good times.

We spend a lot of time together. We enjoy movies and eating out on weekends, but we also enjoy cooking at home and eating in during the week. My husband enjoys watching sports events on television, but is not addicted, and I enjoy reading and puttering around the house. We both are runners and run together most mornings, but we also enjoy taking walks together. We talk to each other about everything going on in our lives, including personal, family and business problems. We love and care about each other and try to be understanding and helpful for each other’s “ups and downs” of life. We are friends as well as lovers.

James has two children from his previous marriage; both are presently in college. He is very close with each of them. I feel I have an advantage over many other women because I already know what a wonderful father my husband is and will be in the future.

We have tried for years to have a child, without success. It was heartbreaking to learn that Wendy’s eggs would never produce children. We would to assure you that this child would be raised with unconditional love. We believe that the opportunity to receive a donor egg is truly a heavenly gift.

In closing, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you and your family for considering us. What you are willing to do to help someone else is beyond charity. You have a big heart and it is hard to imagine how to thank a person for providing such a precious gift. You are a very special person.

With gratitude,

Wendy and James