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Donor Selection: Phase 5

  • As all trust funds are in and legal clearance has been issued, your doctor will be notified to commence the Donor on medication.
  • Your doctor will then begin the process of synchronizing cycles.  Drugs are given to stimulate the Donor’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs.  The Recipient Mother (or Surrogate) then undergoes treatment to prepare her uterine lining to receive the embryos.
  • While the Donor is on medications, she will need to be medically monitored.  If your Donor is local, she will visit your doctor for monitoring.  If you are working with an out of state Donor, we will find a monitoring facility near her for her appointments.
  • If you are working with an out of state Egg Donor, she will travel to your doctor a few days before the retrieval and will continue with monitoring appointments at your facility.  The travel agency we work with will also assist with the travel for this trip and will work to find the best travel rates for you.  For this retrieval trip, your Donor is allowed to travel with a companion whose travel expenses are also covered by you.
  • Using mild sedation, a vaginal ultrasound probe/transducer is utilized to aspirate the Donor’s eggs.  The oocytes are examined and mixed with the sperm before being placed in a special medium.  They are then incubated for 3-5 days to allow fertilization and cell division to occur.  Several embryos are implanted into the uterus of the recipient mother or surrogate, and the remaining embryos typically are frozen.
  • Upon verification that the aspiration has occurred, we will send the Egg Donor her compensation from the trust account.
  • Many couples have elected to send an appreciation gift to their Egg Donor (e.g. flowers, letter) to arrive when she returns home after the retrieval.  We are happy to assist with these arrangements.
  • Some Donors require medication to down-regulate them.

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