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Pre testing & psychological screening

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Donor Selection: Phase 2

  • Your case manager will be in communication with your cycling physician to know what their protocol is to get your Donor started on her pre-testing.
  • If you have selected a first time Donor, most likely your doctor will want your Donor to have her FSH, LH and E2 testing, along with a genetic summary. If you have selected a repeat Donor, and if she has cycled within the last year, your doctor may not require some of the pre-testing after reviewing her medical records.
  • If you have selected an out of state Egg Donor, your case manager will find a local facility for her to have her pre-testing completed. If your Donor is local, she may visit your physician for her pre-testing.
  • The results of your Donor’s pre-testing will be sent directly to your physician for evaluation.
  • If the pre-testing results are optimal, your Donor will then undergo a psychological screening. Your case manager will identify a psychologist who understands the reproductive medicine field to screen your Donor and have the psychological testing scored.
  • At your request, you are welcome to speak with the psychologist to discuss impressions of the Donor, the intake interview, and the psychological testing results.
  • If the psychologist feels your Donor is psychologically sound and mentally prepared for the Egg Donation process, she will send a psychological clearance letter to us to forward to your doctor’s office.

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