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Egg donor selection

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Donor Selection: Phase 1

  • We offer Recipients interested in our program free access to our searchable egg donor database.  You can begin considering potential Egg Donors immediately by registering a confidential egg donation recipient account with us.  Alternatively, you may contact us to speak to with one of our staff members for information about our program and our Egg Donors.
  • Once you have had a chance to review the available Egg Donors, please contact us to discuss your search.  Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the Donors.  We will contact each Donor and re-confirm that they are available.
  • Per your request, our experienced staff can also make Donor recommendations to you based upon other information provided by you.  You are welcome to send us your picture to assist us with the matching process.  This may supplement your choices with other potential Donors they believe are uniquely suited for you.
  • Our office receives Egg Donor profiles on a daily basis, not all are accepted into our database.  After careful review, several may be added to our database.  If a newly received profile fits your requirements, we will send this profile to you for review.  Please note that our internet site is updated in real time, so we strongly encourage you to frequently visit the database.
  • If you are interested in engaging our services, we will send you a Retainer Package.
  • Upon receipt of the signed Retainer documents along with your initial retainer fee, you will be given complete access to our program, and we will at that time be able to communicate freely with your doctor about the Donor(s) you have selected.  We will also send the Donor a letter of commitment to sign committing her to your Egg Donor cycle.
  • Once you have retained our agency, you will be assigned your own personal case manager to assist and guide you through the entire process.
  • Your case manager will contact you to introduce herself, and she will send you an email with your “Welcome Packet” outlining next steps.
  • Your case manager will also send a “Match Letter” to your doctor’s office advising them of the match and giving them details about your Egg Donor.  Your Donor’s full profile will also be sent, as well as any medical records we may have for your Donor from previous cycles if you have selected a repeat Donor.

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