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Selecting an Egg Donation Agency

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Selecting an egg donation agency does not need to be complicated. Follow our guidelines below to get informed and help you make a good decision.

As the oldest and largest program in the world, Egg Donation, Inc. pioneered the egg donation industry.  We have watched the industry grow and change over the past two decades and over the years, we have seen some reputable egg donation agencies provide quality service and we have also learned about egg donors and recipients who have become victims of theft and dishonesty from some of the newer egg donor agencies.  Some of the newer agencies are not equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle all the details of your cycle.  Each step of a donor cycle is critical and you want to ensure that you have the right support carrying you through a cycle.

It is important to do your due diligence to guarantee that you are working with a reputable agency who will look out for you and your well being. Top egg donor agencies will be happy to spend the time to share their program with you and patiently and thoroughly answer any questions you may have.  When you speak with an agency, you should feel comfortable and protected.   The length of time an agency has been in business is a good indicator of their reputation.  You may want to speak to your doctor to see if they have experience working with the agency of interest.  Also, you may want to investigate to make sure the agency has not been involved in any lawsuits and that they have a legitimate office that they are working from.  Choosing the best egg donation agency for you is a critical first step as you begin your new journey, please make sure you have found one that you know will have your best interest as their priority.

About Egg Donation, Inc., (Established 1989)

Egg Donation, Inc. has been providing intended parents with compassionate and quality service since 1989, and we have built a solid reputation in the reproductive medicine industry.  We are happy to provide references to assure your peace of mind.

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